What _We_ Believe

What We Believe

Have you ever been called childish?

Was it used as a compliment or criticism?

Did it make you feel?
Disrespected           Not valued           Belittled                Silly        Irrational

At Childish!, we recognize that this term is primarily used as criticism. Using “childish” in this way not only communicates disapproval of the individual being described, but it also implies that all young people are less worthy than adults. At Childish! we know that this view affects every interaction that we have with young people and everything we do “for” them.

We believe that changing the perspective of childlike qualities from a criticism to a compliment will transform the way that people view and engage young people and ultimately help them become successful. Read more…

Our Approach

Human-Centered Design: A creative problem-solving approach that puts individuals seeking solutions at the center of the design process which ultimately provide solutions that are tailor-made to meet their needs.

Collective Impact: An approach to collaborative work that starts with the premise that no one person or organization can solve any major social problem.

What Makes Us Different

We specialize in a systems approach that incorporates the historical evolution of youth issues along withe the central belief that solutions lie in understanding this history, input from all stakeholders, and an appreciation of the gifts that youth bring to the table. Childish! has expertise in youth development policy and practice, historical analysis, and research.