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Not obnoxious (unless of course you’re a proponent of fear…and hate) but definitely intense and unavoidable. In it’s most pure form when love is expressed it is not just intense but it is resolute, inclusive, compassionate, and resilient. Fear, on the other hand, will have you believing the lie that there is an “us” and a “them” and sadly much of the world believes just that. Clearly, the world needs more love and I think that’s why lately I’ve been feeling like I’m supposed get even louder about love. Can you believe that?! I mean, I thought I was pretty loud, right? I must admit that the thought of getting louder about love shocked me as well. So, I let it sit with me but the feeling is pretty intense. So, I’m going to see where this takes me.


Oh, and guess what else I am? Beside myself and literally giggling with glee. It’s a little daunting but when you’ve been called you’ve got to answer it, right? When hate and fear get as loud as they are now, that’s no time to shut up, freeze in our tracks, or disappear. I mean, that’s exactly what fear wants. People who speak fear do so to silence us and make us stand down. And so many times in the face of fear and hate that’s when love becomes a whisper. It becomes inaudible, irrecognizable, and sometimes even nonexistent. But not today, not for me and I hope not for you either. I’m going to love, be joy, have fun, and SERVE.


Fear says that you are unworthy, alone, different from anyone else, and unlovable. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.The truth is that we are all flawed, worthy, loved AND we belong. No one is excluded. This is the truth so I’m going to love LOUDER.


I wonder how loud we can get? Because I know that while it appears that I’m going to do this by myself, I’m not alone. Well, what do you say?!…let’s pump up this volume!

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